Smilecoin is a kind of decentralized point-to-point digital currency, which allows you to easily remit money online and think of it as “Internet currency”.
The smile coin adopts Ethereum ERC20 technology in the early stage.


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What is Smilecoin?

Laughter is the skill of human beings and people. When people are born, they will laugh. It is a kind of social polite smile. It is used to communicate with others. It is also a kind of heartfelt expression. Smile is an affinity, an infection. Force, a warm spirit, smile is not only good for human health but also means and praise for interpersonal communication. Smile is the greatest consensus of human beings, and smilecoin comes.


Free and rewarding culture internet currency.

The birth of Smilecoin is to create a fun and free cultural community for people, a stunning and vibrant community of friendly people like you, with free smiles and free delivery.


Mobile Wallet

How to get started with smilecoin.

Download the Smilecoin Wallet, create a Smilecoin Account, and keep the private key secretly


Once you're done,join in the fun as part of our growing community!
We're a hplpful bunch of people and we'll answer any questions that you throw at us!